Tamil Summer School for Foreigners

The Tamil Summer School is an intensive six-weeks course in spoken Tamil organised by the Puducherry Institute of Linguistics and Culture (PILC). PILC has been organising this course since 2004. The TSS is conducted every year in July-September. The medium of teaching is English as well as Tamil. The TSS focuses on Spoken Tamil rather than on the classical and written forms being taught in European Universities. The level of spoken Tamil courses offered are: BASIC and INTERMEDIATE

The TSS provides an opportunity
* for scholars to acquire linguistic tools to do field studies in Tamil.
* for those who are trained in the written form of Tamil and others to be able to efficiently communicate in Tamilnadu and other Tamil-speaking areas.

The TSS programme is usually conducted for six days per week during a period of six weeks from July through September every year. The course is based on materials both in English and Tamil designed specially for current TSS by the Faculty of Linguistics.


    At the basic level spoken Tamil is introduced. Drills in pronunciation will be given by experienced Professors. Basic vocabulary, grammar and conversational materials will be provided in the second phase. Tamil scripts and simple sentences are taught enabling the students to speak and read Tamil.
    Eligibility- Basic level Eligible participants are students or researchers from foreign or Indian universities or institutions, who have not studied Tamil. Preference will be given to research scholars.


    Spoken Tamil is taught with conversational materials throughout the course. Lessons in Modern Tamil Grammar will be given stage by stage with structures of Tamil sentences. Students will be trained to read primary level lessons, short stories and songs. Vocabulary lists will be provided for practice.
    Eligibility- Intermediate level Eligible participants are students or researchers from foreign or Indian universities or institutions, who have studied written Tamil for at least one year and have a good knowledge of basic grammar. Otherwise, they may be considered for Basic level

  • FIELDWORK ACTIVITIES - During the TSS, the participants will be taken out for field experience once in a week, so that they can interact with the local populance.

  • LECTURE SERIES - During the TSS, the participants will be imparted through series of lectures by competent Professors with linguistics background.


Enrolment starts on 1 March, every year and registration will be closed by 30 April. Registration may be possible beyond 30 April under special circumstances. For registration, particulars are required in the prescribed format and may preferably be sent by e.mail. Kindly send it in advance to reserve your seat. Registration fee for this year will be `20,000 (Rupees Twenty Thousand only). This includes the cost of the materials and field visits provided by us. Participants have to arrange for their accommodation. However, PILC will assist the scholars in finding the type of accommodation they prefer.

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