Research Programmes

Translation Activities

  • PILC in association with CIIL initiated translation of Anandha Ranga Pillai Diary (12 volumes) an eighteenth century historical document in Hindi. So far six diaries have been translated into Hindi.

  • PILC explored thematic and innovative initiation in Translation Studies. It organised a Workshop on 'The Cultural Untranslatability: Problems and Perspectives" taking the ancient Tamil poems to the Contemporary literary texts.

  • PILC has brought out the following translation works:
  • 1. Bharathidasan: Selected poems
  • 2. Vanidasan: Selected poems
  • 3. Puduvai Sivam: Selected poems
  • 4. Tamil Oli: Selected poems

  • Translated works ready for publication
  • 1. Tamil Oli: Selected poems
  • 2. Karaikkal Ammaiayar: Complete Verses